Jeff’s Background

Jeff Reviews
Jeff reviews building plans with clients Kim and Steve.

Jeff’s career in the building industry started over 20 years ago. He was attending UW-Whitewater at the time, majoring in marketing. To help get through college, Jeff also worked at the local lumber yard. He loved his marketing studies but found he really enjoyed the design and building aspects of his job at the lumber yard as well. Soon, he enrolled in design training at the University of Minnesota. After completing the design training at the University of Minnesota and earning his UW marketing degree, Jeff worked in home sales and design. It was during this first job out of college that Jeff learned the importance of meeting his clients’ needs for both functional, as well as beautiful, home design.
Jeff’s dedication to family is what inspires him to create vacation homes for all the families he works with that they can enjoy for years to come. Jeff and his team’s dedication is what makes the quality of a Northern Builders project not just a house, but a HOME.
Jeff with wife Toni, daughter Erica and son Kyle.